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Whilst working at architecture and design practice Freehaus, me and the team designed a temporary display for Spanish shoe makers Camper at their Regent Street store.

The concept drewn by the colours and textures of the island’s landscape and inspired by Abdul Mati Klarwein’s Mallorca paintings.

Each layer responds to an element of the island: sea, rocks, vegetation, light and sky.

The material and colour palette was inspired by the island's light and landscape.

The team assembling the installation at Camper, Regent Street.

+ Brief

As part of the RIBA Regent Street Windows
2018, we worked alongside Spanish shoe makers Camper to design and deliver a temporary display for their shop window.
The brief was to design, oversee the manufacturing and install the piece on their store at Regent Street in a period of 4 weeks.

+ Solution

Representing a cross section of the island, the design brought Mallorca’s warmth and colour to Regent Street.
An array of coloured acrylic filters was used to evoke the sunset of Mallorca and to manipulate the display lighting, bathing the shoes in a Mediterranean light.
Moss, pine bark and solid pine timber were used to reference Mallorca’s ecological landscape. Slabs of travertine and terrazzo reference the geology of the
Mediterranean, with the seascapes evoked using coloured sponge and sand.

Process Highlights


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