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Whilst working at Freehaus, me and the team delivered the brand identity and interior architecture for Future Cube, a new tech hub located in Havering, London

Engagement sessions with Havering College students to define the project's concept and look & feel.

Bespoke laser cut acrylic signage.

Logo design and brand guidelines.

Bespoke floor artwork to define the different work areas.

+ Brief

With support from the Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund, Havering Council entered partnership with SEGRO and London Riverside BID to deliver Future Cube – an exciting and engaging space that will empower businesses to adopt new technologies and digital capabilities, improving their performance, resilience and long-term viability.
Alongside the retrofit of an industrial unit in Havering, we designed and implemented a new brand identity for the project, unifying differing agendas and bringing multiple stakeholders together.

+ Solution

Through a series of engagement workshops with key stakeholders, we assisted with the development of the brand ethos, message and market positioning as well as the name, logo, typography and colour palette.
To meet the target audience and vision that defined the project, the brand communicates and reinforces London’s innovation culture in a bold yet approachable way, tying in the project’s ambitions.
The brand aesthetic takes cues from the colours and signs found on industrial sites, making the brand relatable and familiar to the target audience focused on the construction, logistics and manufacturing sectors. The name, signage and the space brand touchpoints are playful and relaxed, demystifying technology and allowing anyone to explore and experiment.

Process Highlights


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