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Creation of brand identity and campaign design for a grassroots women’s football club.

Typography sketches for the campaign logo.

Initial sketches for campaign art direction.

Using cut outs to explore the logo design and typography layout.

Initial sketches for campaign art direction.

+ Brief

With an exponential growth in players of all ages, Winchester City Flyers needs a permanent home to continue to support the vision of girls and women’s development and participation in playing and coaching football. This will encourage more players to join and benefit from learning football skills, and to improve their social and mental health skills.
I was approached by Winchester City Flyers and strategic consultancy Well
Thought to create a brand identity for their fundraising campaign Get Behind The Goal, which is looking to create the home for female sports in Winchester.

+ Solution

To meet the target audience and vision that defined the project, the brand
communicates and reinforces Winchester City Flyers sense of community and inclusivity in a bold yet approachable way, tying in all the campaign’s ambitions.
The logo and brand aesthetic take cues from the football universe, making it clear and recognisable. The colour palette draws from the Winchester City Flyers colours making the brand relatable and familiar to the existing supporters, whilst the combination of typography used in the logo is playful and cool, capturing the
attention of new audiences. The photography puts emphasis on the girls, empowering the next generation of players to become stewards of supportive growth and development.

Process Highlights


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