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Memory of a Non-Place is a site-specific installation designed for the first-floor windows of prominent gallery Gazelli Art House, located on Dover Street in London.

Existing and proposed front elevations.

Photoshoot set up.

Detail of original pastel drawings.

Detail of veil.

+ Brief

In 2012, Gazelli Art House launched the Window Project, utilising the facade of the gallery as an additional frieze-style display platform.
Since 2015, the initiative has been repurposed to specifically support art school graduates through open call competitions three times a year.

+ Solution

The piece reflects on the concept of migration. Three vinyls depicting oil-pastel drawings are used to block the light in the gallery.
On the inside, the same depiction of the seascape drawings is being projected on a thin veil that oscillates continuously.
This organic movement is originated by three fans that allow the fabric to wave, mimicking the movement of the sea.

Process Highlights


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