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Branding for OPTO, a new tech brand offering accessible portable VR headsets. As opposed to its main competitors, OPTO chose to focus on the look & feel and aesthetics to develop a lightweight and comfortable product, capable of bringing VR to their customers’ daily lives.

Initial logo at the moment we joined the project.

OPTO product shots.

Initial illustrations.

Branded stickers featuring OPTO's illustrations.

+ Brief

We were appointed to develop the branding for the new product. When I joined the team, the product was already at its final stages and there was a placeholder logo and colour palette in use.

+ Solution

To further develop the visual identity of this groundbreaking brand, we took a step back and reviewed the existing logo and colour palette.
To convey its contemporary and refreshing approach to VR, we simplified the logo and refined the colour palette.
Alongside this, we developed a series of illustrations and designed business cards, promotional postcards, a friendly how-to-use guide, an online shop & website and a social media campaign for the product launch.

Process Highlights


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