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Whilst working at Freehaus, me and the team delivered the brand identity and interior architecture for Rising Green, a new youth hub in Wood Green, London.

Boards used during the co-design workshops with young people.

A wide range of typefaces adds dynamism and flexibility to the brand.

Three options for the logo and colour palette were part of a public survey which directly influenced the stakeholders decision.

A set of graphic elements were designed to be used on posters, social media and on artwork and signage.

+ Brief

The London Borough of Haringey is launching a new youth hub in Wood Green, which will provide vital services in a space designed to support young people’s development and help them prepare for their professional lives.
In an area with high levels of youth violence, gang crime and unemployment, this much needed facility will offer activities such as music and film production, coding and web design, cooking training and mental and sexual health support.
Central to the brief was the engagement and co-design of the name and brand identity with a group of local young people to achieve a result that they would be proud of whilst creating opportunities for cultural capital exchange.

+ Solution

To ensure the project resonates and is accepted by the local community and end users, participation and co-design have been crucial to the process.
For several weeks we worked with a group of local young people - listening to their stories, asking them what Wood Green means to them and how a new youth hub in the area would look and feel for them.
Through a series of design workshops, the young people shared their thoughts and creativity to co-produce different options for the name, logo and colour palette for the new youth hub, which were later refined by us and implemented on the branding, signage and wayfinding.

Process Highlights


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