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As part of a series of workshops hosted by Tate Modern and the Digital Makers Collective, Digital Friction was a workshop that explored how virtual reality affects our bodies.

To create the background we scanned our arms and hands.

As part of the event, there was a symposium on new emerging technologies.

Colour studies for the campaign.

The event featured an experience where visitors could interact with virtual reality tools whilst their heartbeat was being measured.

+ Brief

We were approached to design a campaign to reflect the explorative nature of the series of workshops.

+ Solution

Literally blurring the line between digital and physical, we scanned parts of our physical body to create a promotional image for the workshop.
Working with a vibrant colour palette and pixelated typography, we developed and delivered a concept that extended to the creation of a poster and digital assets, including a short animation for social media campaigns.

Process Highlights


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