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As part of a series of workshops hosted by Tate Modern and the Digital Makers Collective, Virtually Real Environments was a symposium exploring the boundaries of physical and virtual space, new worlds and spatial narratives, questioning the emerging nature of the virtual space.

Escher’s work on infinity, reflection and perspective inspired the visual concept for the campaign.

Combining gradients on both the typography and the background, an illusion effect was created.

During the event, visitors could interact with virtual reality tools and have their heartbeat measured throughout the experience.

A series of digital assets were developed for use on social media.

+ Brief

We were approached to design a campaign to reflect the explorative nature of the symposium.

+ Solution

Inspired by M. C. Escher’s work on infinity, reflection and perspective, we created a promotional image to define the campaign theme. We developed and delivered a concept that extended to the creation of a poster and digital assets, including a short animation for social media campaigns.

Process Highlights


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