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Working in collaboration with a a group of talented young people and alongside WWF and Activate The City to co-create a digital youth advocacy toolkit

Initial concepts for the Toolkit branding voted by young people.

Testimonials by workshop participants about the Toolkit and its impact.

Workshop with young people to test the toolkit.

Workshop with young people to test the toolkit.

+ Brief

I was approached by WWF and Activate The City to co-design and deliver the brand identity for their new youth advocacy toolkit, an online tool focusing on encouraging youth to deliver social action projects and champion sustainable food practices.
Co-design and collaboration were central to the project which aimed at creating an easy-to-use brand identity that could showcase large amounts of information clearly and, most importantly, that connects with young people.

Content and Editing - Karen Jelenje
Web developer - Bart Stassen
Illustration - Aya Mohamed
Graphic and Webdesign - Ana Beatriz Fernandes

+ Solution

Through online interactive group sessions and surveys, we engaged with young people to understand their barriers in undertaking advocacy work. Together we co-designed a user-friendly toolkit that guides young people in developing their own advocacy projects.
The key element of the brand is the rotating sphere, symbolising the global impact that advocating for sustainable diets and change in current food systems can have in addressing climate change. The illustrations by Aya Mohamed hint at each one of the four modules, which offer step-by-step exercises and worksheets to help young people develop their own campaigns.
Throughout the summer of 2023, the Toolkit was tested by 36 young participants during workshops in different cities across Europe.

Process Highlights


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