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Whilst working at design and architecture studio Freehaus, I led and delivered a new brand identity for the practice based in London and working across the residential, commercial and civic sectors.

Previous Freehaus logo.

Concertina fold leaflet featuring a guide for residential clients.

Visual guidelines and implementation on social media.

Branded postcards with debased logo.

+ Brief

Founded in 2012 and following its continued growth, the studio felt the need for a rebranding as they observed their brand did not match the quality of their architectural projects.
We were tasked to redesign the existing brand, revisiting the ethos, vision, values and unique selling point, in order to create an identity that better aligns with their aspirations as designers and architects.

+ Solution

As part of the branding overhaul, a new logo was created alongside a new colour palette, font selection, stationery, website and a pack of digital communication guidelines.
To reflect the studio’s commitment to quality, transparency and to a ‘non-style’ approach to architecture, we designed a minimal and honest brand which speaks of refinement and sophistication.

Process Highlights


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